Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy, he’s everywhere on social media, he’s the real life version of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’. On the face of it it seems empty, but when you hear the man the speak about his journey you can’t help but admire him. But lets take a step back, lets imagine the story he tells isn’t 100% true, instead lets believe he was given an amazing head start in life through his family lineage, does that take away from the man he has become now? I think not. And I’ve got a funny feeling if you stripped him of everything right and asked him to do it again, he would with relative ease. There’s an interesting lesson to be learned from Gianluca Vacchi story, he mentions in the interview above that he sacrificed going holiday from 25-35 years old so he could build his businesses which eventually lead him to co-found ToyWatch with his brother. Not many people in his position would sacrifice the “golden age” of their youth to make money and only to reap the benefits in their 50’s, so before you point fingers and utter words “it’s easy for him” you need to understand that there’s no such thing as luck, winners win.

Skin in the Game

I’ve just started listening to Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s new book Skin in the Game and it’s really good. I’ve always been a fan of his work but more importantly I love how riled up he gets, he seems to always have a chip on his shoulder about something or the other but instead of allowing it to consume him, he uses it as fuel to help him spread his ideas to the masses. Not everything he says is spot on, but for the most part I’ve got a lot of value from his work and I think you could too. In short the books message can be whittled down to the following quote; “Critique by creating”Michelangelo

If you’re still on the fence check out the video above where Nassim Nicholas Taleb discusses the origin the book and more with Gad Saad, enjoy.

Embrace Your Weaknesses

I think I’ve replayed this entire interview with David Goggins on Joe Rogan 5x it’s that good. Whenever I’m feeling down or short on motivation I crack this on and remind myself that’s all in my head and only I can change it for the better. Whatever shortcoming I have is temporary and with effort and dedication I can slowly turn it around to my advantage. Life is truly what you make it and we only get one shoot at it, what are you going to do? Whine and complain that your life isn’t what it should be or pull yourself together and slowly but surely rebuild to your liking. I know what I’m going to do.

Vladimir Putin & Problematic T-shirts

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the word ‘problematic’ it’s been hijacked by ideologs hell bent on nerfing the world around whenever someone says something they don’t agree with. I wouldn’t say i’m the most politically aware person out there either, but I do make effort to educate myself on the current temperature of the political climate and familiarise myself with the key figures. I also have a lot of time for Heron Preston, he’s a cool guy, he’s out here living his dreams and trying to make the world a better place but this t-shirt is a misstep. Vladimir Putin is a bad guy and putting him on a t-shirt as a form a of irony feels incredibly out of touch. He’s known to have murdered his enemies, most recently on foreign soil, he has journalist who criticise him killed or imprisoned, it’s alleged the Russian government played a part in getting Donald Trump elected and he’s ruled Russia since 2000 with little to no opposition due changes in law he personally passed. I get it though, from the outside he does come across as a comic book villain of sorts, but a short Google search will dispel those thoughts, Vladimir Putin is no hero let alone an athlete.

The Death of Expertise


This passage from Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff sent chills down my spine and reminded me of the importance of straddling the line between chaos and order. Too much chaos will spell disaster and too much order will cause you to be paralysed by our own inaction. So far the Trump administration have used chaos to dictate the national conversation and distract their enemies from focusing on policies which affect the general public. Whether or not this will last is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, eventually the house of cards will come tumbling down and experts will rise again.

March Reading List


Another month, another collection of books I’m aiming to read in the month of March. Crushing It! was an obvious choice, I consume a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content and some of his tips on social media and personal branding have really helped me, so the best way to pay it forward is to buy a book! The other choices are mix between things I’ve had on my Amazon Wish List for a while and a couple of titles I was reminded about through random podcasts. If you’re interested to find out more, please find a list of the books below…

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk
ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by David Heinemeier Hansson
Miles: The Autobiography by Quincy Troupe